Actually Published! and available on Amazon!

Here I am holding the very first copy of my  book, The Single-Minded Prince,  the first day it arrived from CreateSpace!  The second photo is of me reading my book at a special “First Friday” event sponsored by the  Society for Preservation of Port Tobacco featuring local authors.

 Now that my books are available on Amazon, it’s time for me to start publishing my Blog regularly!  Please visit me at and on Amazon!

A BIG reason why we miss Green Tree Frogs !

Frog & poopImagine if your poop was as big in relation to your body size as the Green Tree Frog’s is!  Is that poop as big as his calf?  It’s at least as big as his arm! Now imagine hundreds of Green Tree Frogs hanging from your doors and windows and drain pipes and pooping and pooping and pooping!  Imagine having to add: “Clean up the Green Tree Frog poop” to your regular list of chores!  That is why we miss them when they burrow into the ground (or wherever they go) for winter.