I may not look it but, like The Yarn Animal Book, I am over 40 years old.  The main thing I noticed about my advancing age was that my neck didn’t hold my head up any more. My head DROOPED!  It made me look so old!  Could it have been the result of playing with children and grandchildren for so many years?!


On the advice of my concerned family I interviewed several doctors. Some felt I needed extensive surgery. They proposed assorted brutal measures like cutting  into my throat and inserting a metal or plastic brace. Whether they recommended an anterior or a posterior incision, recovery time was expected to be long and follow-up physical therapy was advised. I was concerned. Finally I found a doctor who said I only needed a quick stitch or two on the outside, at the back of my neck.

That sounded great so I agreed and submitted myself for surgery. Here is droopy me before surgery… Notice my head resting on my chest. So embarrassing!


Surgical equipment was delivered to the operating room. It did not look as frightening as I expected… The anesthesia took effect quickly.


The wonderful team of OR nurses carefully prepped me for surgery.


Before I knew it, the procedure was complete.  Immediately I looked and felt 40 years younger!!!  I didn’t even need to stay overnight! My surgeon is a genius!

Orangutan at PtTobacco

I was able to accept invitations to appear in public again!

photo (2)

And I am enjoying life to the fullest!

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Observations on a mid-Atlantic Day

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    Grasshoppers are everywhere. They make great subjects for photographers. Watch their amazing wings when they fly!
    This leaf looks like a chicken to me!

    Puffballs are out now. They are edible until they start to turn brown. If you kick them when they’re brown, they create a puff of ‘smoke’ as their spores fly everywhere!